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2020 Interior Design Trends: Kitchens

April 16, 2020

The kitchen has long been touted as the heart of the home. Frank Lloyd Wright often said the heart was the psychological center of the home, and functionally the oven often was the root of that. The stove doubled down as the built-in heater and meal cooking area often bringing people together to warm up and chow down. Nowadays, we have modern HVAC systems and electricity, but the sentiment of the kitchen as a gathering place lingers. Interior designers and homeowners keep a close eye on the perfect kitchen design and we’re here to explore what trends are shining through.

Kitchen Design and Modern Function

Kitchens default as the end-all for home gathering. Late-night snacks accompany cozy chats, hot summer outdoor grill-outs bring in people for an A/C reprieve, sibling quarrels are exchanged during quick family dinners, snuck in between extracurriculars pulling this way and that. For fleeting exchanges to lasting moments, the kitchen is and always has been a place where the inhabitants of a home thrive. 2020 welcomes in trends that not only make this space look and function for your family but truly make it reflective of your home’s personality. Get inspired with some of these 2020 trends to get started on making the heart of your home, beat to its own drum.

Bye, Bye Shiplap and Rustic Islands

The modern farmhouse style lost steam in kitchen design but is still trendy. 14% of homeowners undergoing kitchen design renovations in 2018 opted for the Joanna Gaines inspired look, but lowered to 11% in 2019. In its place, transitional styles gained traction, and this is expected to continue in 2020.


Lafayette Interior Fashions Genesis Roller Shades adorn large windows with stationary fabric draperies providing a dynamic view in a large medallion print.

Transitional style is a mix of traditional and contemporary styles to create home design that makes a statement, with an atmosphere of timelessness. What does this look like? Background colors remain neutral, with punchy pops of color accents in artwork or textiles. Neutral walls contrast with an array of textures and patterns in cabinetry, tiles, and countertops . Seating areas incorporate modern furniture forms, but are upholstered in traditional fabrics. This approach to marrying rigid punchy, design techniques with subtle classic styles creates flexible, timeless looks. This transitional style is the product of young, new homeowners wanting to invest in quality pieces they can retain as styles change.


Photo by Kitchen and Countertop Center of New England. See more transitional kitchen designs

Colorful and Contrasting Cabinetry

Adding colors that aren’t neutrals or natural tones to cabinetry can scare homeowners. Kitchen redesigns are expensive and homeowner’s want to create lasting designs. However, pops of color can be a great way to add personality to a kitchen area while getting a timeless look. For instance, maybe the under-island cabinetry is a shade of deep blue, but the rest of the room is done with a soft gray. Perhaps the majority of your cabinetry is white with an island featuring wood cabinets. Incorporating contrasting cabinetry colors can add depth and create a visually stimulating room, reflective of the busy lives of the people who use it most.


Photo by IS Architecture. See more traditional kitchen designs

But, neutral cabinetry is still a powerhouse with 43% homeowners undergoing kitchen renovations opting for white cabinetry in 2019 (from a survey of ~1300 homeowners). Though many are exploring incorporating color. In the same survey, 26% of homeowners undergoing kitchen renovations opted for gray contrasting island cabinetry in their upgraded islands and 19% for blue. Looking for an even bolder statement? Matte black is the new minimalist cabinet color for ultimate, chic style


Photo by Hurst Design Build Remodeling. See more contemporary kitchen designs

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a perfect option for those who want the modern look of marble or granite. The price point is more accessible and the synthetic material is easy to maintain. Mix and match materials to your liking. Your center island doesn’t necessarily have to match the surrounding countertops.


Photo by Kitchens by Eileen. See more transitional kitchen designs

Cabinetry that Works

Cabinetry that truly functions for your needs is going to continue to grow in popularity in 2020. Custom cabinetry only makes sense to craft a space that works the way you do when maneuvering around your home. Open concept cabinetry was on trend for a while but often isn’t practical. In addition, unless your kitchen is impeccably organized at all times, its hard to maintain. While it can provide space to show off curated dish collections, it often isn’t the right choice for the average kitchen. Strike a balance by incorporating open shelving with traditional closed cabinetry to create storage spaces that fit your kitchen’s needs. We’re talking prep stations that slide out, pan organizers, produce drawers, paper towel cabinets and more. Find the ways you can optimize your storage spaces to make for seamless home living and epic worry-free organization.


Photo by Amazing Spaces. See more transitional kitchen designs

Make a Splash – The New Feature Wall

The ever popular statement wall (one wall painted a bold, statement shade surrounded by muted surrounding colors) has been translated into modern kitchen design in the form of backsplashes. For instance, a counter to ceiling backsplash, in statement tiles, behind the kitchen stove or sink gives your kitchen a not-so-subtle pop.


Photo by Caine & Company. See more transitional kitchen designs

Giving this kitchen feature that often hides in the background some TLC, freshens up the room adding depth and dimension. Achieving this look could be as simple as patterning white subway or black tiles in a unique way. Or go for a bold look with colorful patterns or even textured tiles for more personality.

Custom Window Treatments

You likely spend a lot of time looking out kitchen windows while you do the dishes, so make sure you have something gorgeous to frame your view. With so many hard surfaces in the kitchen, added softness from a window treatment can help balance the textures of the room.



A post shared by Casey Sanford (@caseysanfordinteriors)

Even a kitchen design with a muted, neutral palette can be accented appropriately with a statement shade or valance. As seen in a Lafayette Dealer’s kitchen upgrade a transitional shade was added to a relatively stark white color palette. The shade compliments the stainless appliances while remaining functional behind the busy kitchen sink.



A post shared by ✨Diana Werthmann (@transformedinteriors)

For those who simply want to maintain the light that comes through their kitchen windows, a simple valance can add flair. Or a fabric roman shade can softly filter light, adding charm while keeping things open and bright. Whatever you choose, opting for motorized treatments that can be integrated into your Smart Home devices is the new norm. Whether setting a schedule, or asking for assistance when your hands are full, smart shades provide optimized convenience and privacy.


Select a fabric from Lafayette’s collection of Select Masterpieces fabrics and pick a valance style from the Interior Masterpieces Collection for a custom kitchen look.



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What fresh new design trends are you looking forward to incorporating in your kitchen overhaul? If looking for new window treatments, a local Lafayette Dealer in your area can help decide what is right for your home. Find a dealer here.

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