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7 Free Holiday Templates to Make Your Home Merry and Bright

Brooke Cleaver     December 14, 2023

Jingle bells are in the air, and what better way to kick off the Holiday Season than with a fun, festive craft the whole family can enjoy: Homemade Stencils. Line your windows with crystalline patterns, “jeuje” up your stockings with boughs of holly, or assemble the perfect greeting card with custom templates courtesy of Lafayette Interior Fashions. Tailored for all skill levels, these printable templates offer a perfect way to elevate your seasonal décor and infuse your home with warmth and cheer.

To get started, click the link below each design. Doing so will pull up a PDF, granting you the freedom to save and modify the image however you see fit. For a quick and easy solution, right-click the design to save a copy of the image. Though, be mindful, as this might result in a smaller printout.

1 | Deck The Halls with Boughs of Holly

holly_lifpng‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better symbol to kick off your holiday crafting than charming boughs of holly? This enchanting, beginner-friendly design offers an entry-level dive into the world of stencils. Adorn the corners of your windows with fistfuls of holly, or sprinkle them throughout your chosen canvas for a whimsical yet festive pattern for all to enjoy.





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2 | Frolic with Frosty All Season Long

frosty_lifpngWith a corncob pipe, a button nose, and two eyes made out of coal, Frosty the Snowman is the embodiment of holiday nostalgia. However, if you're familiar with the tale, you know that Frosty doesn't fare well without snow, or at least not until now. With this fairytale-inspired template, you can enjoy the thrilling adventures of Frosty all season long, regardless of weather. Perfect for windows and mirrors, we recommend placing this jolly-good fellow on a glass fixture with snowspray or frosted-tipped pens. 



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3 | Embrace the Beauty of Evergreens

trees_lifpngO Tannenbaum, O’ Tannenbaum, how lovely are your branches! Evergreens have long been a symbol of the Holiday season, and rightfully so. Their everlasting beauty and verdant green color serve as a reminder of the spring to come. As such, people have been decorating with evergreens since before the ancient Romans. Capture the timeless beauty of nature with this intermediate-level design. Perfect for greeting cards, windows, and signs, these prickly pines will make the ideal backdrop for any holiday-inspired canvas.


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4 | Capture the feel of a Silent Night

town_lifReminiscent of a gingerbread house, this intermediate-level design invites you to build a scene that is both calm and bright. Use as is, or embellish with sweet treats for a candy-lane-inspired village chock-full of comfort and joy. Greet guests in style by painting this picturesque portrait on a doormat, or create a snowy spectacle by spraying It on your windows.




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5 | Craft Captivating Wreaths

wreath_lifpngColorful and welcoming: wreaths have long served as a symbol of peace, love, and prosperity, and this symmetrical design is no exception. Usually resigned for walls and doors, this plush design works well on windows, mugs, and greeting cards. This sensational bough instantly lightens the mood and offers a bit of holiday cheer. Make it the focal point of your design by centering it on your canvas, or let it fade in the background as a cheery accessory. The choice is yours. Just be sure to bring your patience with this design, as it is on the more intricate side.



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6 | Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

snow_lifpngDon’t let the cold weather keep you from catching a few snowflakes. Delicate, intricate, and flawless, these featherlike structures pair perfectly with almost any holiday arrangement. Albeit sophisticated in their design, these beautiful snowflakes are worthwhile when pressed up against a beautiful window, vase, or mirror. However, due to the complex nature of this template, this design is not recommended for children, especially if a crafting knife is involved. Remember to practice caution when building your winter wonderland.




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7 | Hang Ornaments for All to See

orn_lifpngPerhaps one of the most cherished symbols of the holiday season, ornaments provide a sense of comfort, warmth, and style to any home. But who said they needed to stop at the tree? With their intricate designs, bold colors, and varying shapes, ornaments are one of the most versatile design tools. Extend that freedom outward by incorporating this template on your windows, placemats, and more. However, If you plan on using this as a stencil, we recommend you opt for a fine-tipped pen.




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Final Thoughts

That wraps up our free template guide! We hope these suggestions inspire your holiday crafting. What creative plans do you have for this season? We'd love to hear your thoughts and see your wonderful creations on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For more holiday inspiration, head to our DIY Page on Pinterest, filled with stunning ideas like crafting handmade ornaments.


Happy Holidays from the Lafayette Interior Fashions Family! 


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