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You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Style for Safety | 3 Design Options for a Safer Home

Brooke Cleaver     October 3, 2022

We love our homes, but we love our children more. And in the contest between safety and style, the choice is obvious; safety always wins. But who said it needed to be a contest in the first place? Long are the days when you needed to choose between the two. With a few simple tips, we can help you incorporate more design-oriented safety features into your home.

1. Floor Coverings

Floor coverings can transform a space. They can make a room feel finished and define the living quarters of a home. But when thinking about rugs, it’s essential to consider your child’s safety first. Through the mind of a child, everything looks like play. What may look like an everyday accent piece to you may prove to be a fantastic obstacle course for your children. One where the floor is lava and a selection of carefully placed pillows is their only means of escape. Because of this, you might want to seek out durable options that will stand the test of time.


Avoid lightweight materials that may bunch or fold. Adults and children alike can quickly lose their balance and trip. Instead, consider heavy-duty materials, like wool and jute, that can handle the foot traffic of a typical household.  

The wonders of wool

If you’re looking to turn your rug into a statement piece, then wool is the way to go. This luxurious material is available in a wide array of patterns and colors - making it perfect for any design scheme. What’s more, its premium natural fibers are incredibly resilient and soft to the touch. So even the roughest of play poses little to no threat to the life of your carpet.

The only downside to wool is that it can fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight. So if you are thinking about investing in this decadent floor covering, avoid areas of the home with poor light control. If no such sites exist, consider premium window treatments. A well-designed window covering can help to preserve the vibrant fibers of any wool matt.


The sustainability of jute

Known as the golden fiber, jute is perhaps one of the easiest ways to introduce natural texture into a home. It’s made of natural grass fiber, making it one of the sturdiest options on the market. Unlike sisal, which is made from coarse, brittle material, jute is relatively soft to the touch. This makes it an ideal option for you and your little ones to spread out and play. And since it derives from all-natural material, it’s recyclable and biodegradable. The beige, tan, and golden brown hues of jute offer a sense of warmth that is perfect for layering; Pair jute with wool or cotton for added depth. Another way to achieve dimension is through your window treatments. Consider pairing jute with woven wood window coverings for a continual, earthy feel.   

The only downside to jute is that it can degrade and mold over time if in contact with water. For that reason, it should be kept away from damp, humid climates. Avoid using jute in bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms.




These Manh Truc® contemporary shades pair well with any natural fiber floor covering.
Keep rugs in place with non-slip pads

For added safety, optimize your space and prevent falls by placing non-slip rug pads under new and existing floor coverings. Several retailers offer a plethora of rug pads – ranging from natural rubber to felt. However, we recommend a combination of the two. Hybrid options exist that give you the benefit of a non-slip rubber pad and the comfort of a felt pad.

2. Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Another integral part of any home is the kitchen. Unfortunately, it can also be one of the most dangerous rooms. Base cabinets are low to the ground and within your child’s line of sight - making them easy targets for your little ones. While traditional cabinet locks prevent unwanted access, excessive use can strip your cabinets of their finish and destroy their natural beauty.


Preserve the life of your cabinets with magnetic cabinet locks. Various manufacturers offer magnetic locks, which are discreetly installed inside your cabinets and drawers – making them virtually invisible to the outside world. Cabinets and drawers are then opened with a magnetic key, which can be stored in any high place, out of reach from tiny explorers.

And the best part? Most magnetic locks disengage with the press of a button for those periods of non-use. So the next time your friends and family gather around your kitchen for a special event, you can rest easy knowing you don’t have to fumble your way through your cabinets and drawers.

3. Cordless Window Treatments

Window coverings serve a vital role in the home. Both functional and decorative, they provide light control and privacy while influencing the shape and ambiance of a room. But they can also be one of your biggest concerns regarding child-safety. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 600 children experience blind-related injuries annually. This roughly equates to 2 children per day.

One surefire way of avoiding such an outcome is the implementation of cordless window coverings. Children and pets alike can find themselves tangled in window treatments with free-hanging cords, exposing them to the risk of strangulation. Cordless window coverings remove the risk of strangulation and prevent “stuck by” accidents – where blinds or shades come loose and strike a child.  

At Lafayette, we provide a vast array of cordless options to choose from that are sure to fit you and your unique design needs. Browse our collection for an in-depth look at our child-safe products.

CareRING Cordless™

Available on all of our roman shade products – this lift system eliminates the use of dangling cords through its innovative design. On the back of all CareRING shades, you’ll find a hidden ring located on the bottom hem. Grabbing the ring allows you to effortlessly lower and raise your shade to its desired position.  



Currently available in:


Another great option, Accu-rise allows you to control the direction of a blind or shade with a simple touch. To lower, gently pull down in a straight line. To raise, lightly lift in a controlled manner. 


Currently available in:

Lift & Lock ™

Just as the name suggests, lock treatments lock into place with this ingenious design. To operate, simply press the button located at the bottom of your treatment. Then, lower and raise to your desired length. Once you are satisfied, release your hold on the button to lock into place.


Currently available in:

Motorized Options

Another way to ensure your child’s safety is through motorized window treatments. Much like cordless operating systems, motorized systems remove the risk of strangulation while optimizing your home. With a Somfy WireFree motor, you can control the ebb and flow of light with just the sound of your voice. Smart home applications like Tahoma™ allow you to pair your Somfy WireFree motor with your Alexa® - freeing your hands for more important things.

Safety Made Easy

Child safety is made even easier with the Best for Kids™ label. The presence of this label guarantees that you and your family are safe from accessible operating cords, inner cords, or hazardous loops. 



In order to qualify for this label, products must be sent to a third-party testing facility recognized by the Window Covering Manufactures Association (WCMA). To become certified, products must either have no operating cords or inaccessible inner cords. If inner cords are accessible, they must not be allowed to create hazardous loops or coils. Any product that fails to do so is denied from taking part in the program.

To identify the best option for you and your family, simply search for the Best for Kids™ Logo.

Final Food for Thought

"Design isn’t just about making things beautiful; it’s also about making things work beautifully.”– Roger Martin.

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