Lafayette Custom Shutters aren’t just your classic traditional shutters. You’ll be amazed at what we can do with special shapes and colors to enhance and highlight architectural features within a home. Custom Shutters provide directional light control from ceiling to floor or from left to right depending on louver orientation. 

Woodland Harvest® Custom Shutters are manufactured in our state of the art facility with premium select hardwoods in nearly any size and shape. UV inhibitors in our finish helps resist color fading and yellowing even in the hottest windows and our water based paints are environmentally safe in your home. .

Marquis™ Shutters offer a unique wood composite with an acrylic coating that allows for a tough shutter finish and long lasting beauty. Louvers and rail ends are sealed with a foiling process to complete the finished look of the shutter panel. Tilt rod notches are lined with a matching poly insert for aesthetics.


Product Specifications

Lafayette Product Names Woodland Harvest® Custom Shutters
Marquis™ Shutters
Material Wood and Composite
Slat size, Pleat size, Louver size 1 1/4", 1 7/8", 2 1/2", 3 1/2", 4 1/2"
Sizes Available Width: 6-36" (panel widths) Panels can be aligned with Tposts and framing to accommodate wider spanses
Height: -120"
Available Colors 80+
Opacity P/L Ctrl 2-4
Fire Retardant N/A
Operating Options Tilt louvers by hand standard
Specialty Shape/Design Options Operable & Stationary Arches, Triangles, Trapezoids, Circles, Curved, Fernch Doors, Bay and Bow applications
Motorization Available Yes
Neutral Exterior Appearance Yes, if lined
Orientation within Window Horizontal or Vertical
Safety Features (break away tassels,cord cleats or cordless option) Yes
Energy Efficient, Sustainable, Certified or Recycled Materials N/A
Special Features or Options Louver Mover no tilt bar option
warranty Woodland Harvest:  Lifetime Limited with 3 yrs on Finish
Marquis:  Lifetime Limited

Warranty PDF


WH & Marquis Framed Shutters (PDF)
Marquis Adjustable Hanging Strip (PDF)
Marquis Fixed Hanging Strip (PDF)
Marquis "L" Frame (PDF)
Marquis "Z" Frame (PDF)
Palladian Window Shelf (PDF)
Woodland Harvest Adjustable Strip  (PDF)
Woodland Harvest Fixed Hanging Strip (PDF)
Woodland Harvest Louver Install for Louver Mover (PDF)

Product Specifications are generalized, as it may vary depending on material selected along with the addition of options, for example vertical orientation or motorization. These options or special features could enhance the performance of many products in certain categories.

All images on our website are for general information. Not all materials are available in all sizes.Colors shown can vary from monitor to monitor. We hope you enjoy our website and are able to get an idea for all that we have to offer, but we know photography can not replace the hands on experience of seeing it for yourself. Please see your local Dealer for detailed information.