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Standard, Sundown®, Couplitairetm, Modernairetm and visionairetm

Allure Transitional Shades magically transition natural light into the best light of your life.  You'll delight in the nearly endless variety of light control and viewing options at every level. Close your Allure Transitional shades to create the privacy you desire or transition your shades to enjoy exceptional view-through while gently filtering harsh daylight. 

Allure Sundown harmoniously blends beauty with privacy. Your transitional shades can transform from light filtering to total room darkening for ultimate privacy or to block the sun's harsh light from your furniture, floors or artwork.

Additional Allure options include the Couplitaire, Modernaire and Visionaire!

The Allure Couplitaire option offers two shades in one - an Allure shade to the room side and a Genesis privacy shade to the street side!

Allure Modernaire is cassette free for the barest of minimalist design and European style! 

The Allure Visionaire is the VERTICAL orientation of Allure Transitional Shades. It's versatility for use in windows or patio doors is unsurpassed. When installed on a patio door, the rollup into the fabric covered headrail is great for tight spaces where normal vertical blind stacking off the window is an issue.

All images on our website are for general information. Not all materials are available in all sizes.  Colors shown can vary from monitor to monitor. We hope you enjoy our website and are able to get an idea for all that we have to offer, but we know photography can not replace the hands on experience of seeing it for yourself. Please see your local Dealer for detailed information.

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Product Specifications

Lafayette Product Names Allure Standard and SundownAllure ModernaireTMAllure CouplitaireTMAllure VisionaireTM
Material PolyesterPolyesterPolyesterPolyester
Slat size, Pleat size, Louver size N/AN/AN/AN/A
Sizes Available Width: 15-90"
 Height: 12-120"

(96" Sundown)
Width: 18-84"
 Height: 30-96"
Width: 18-96"
 Height: 30-96"
Width: 18-96"
 Height: 30-96"
Available Colors 100+ (Standard)
14 (Sundown)
100+100+ (Allure shade)
 32 (Privacy Shade)

Opacity P/L Ctrl 3-5P/L Ctrl 3-5P/L Ctrl 3-5P/L Ctrl 3-5
Fire Retardant Some MaterialsSome MaterialsSome MaterialsSome Materials
Operating Options Standard clutchRaceway headrailStandard clutch and EZ-LiftStandard clutch
Specialty Shape/Design Options Stationary archesN/AN/AN/A
Motorization Available Yes (Standard Only)YesYesN/A
Neutral Exterior Appearance Yes with SundownN/AYesN/A
Orientation within Window HorizontalHorizontalHorizontalVertical
Safety Features (break away tassels,cord cleats or cordless option) YesYesYesYes
Energy Efficient, Sustainable, Certified or Recycled Materials Applies to some, but not all fabrics: Oeko-Tex™ Confidence in TextilesApplies to some, but not all fabrics: Oeko-Tex™ Confidence in TextilesApplies to some, but not all fabrics: Oeko-Tex™ Confidence in TextilesApplies to some, but not all fabrics: Oeko-Tex™ Confidence in Textiles
Special Features or Options Allure Sundown: Room darkening option
Allure Standard: 2-on-1 Headrail option
 2-on-1 Headrail option
warranty Lifetime Limited  Warranty PDFLifetime Limited  Warranty PDFLifetime Limited  Warranty PDFLifetime Limited  Warranty PDF

Product Specifications are generalized, as it may vary depending on material selected along with the addition of options, for example motorization. These options or special features could enhance the performance of many products in certain categories.