Interior Masterpieces® Draperies with Embellishment Trim and Custom Drapery Hardware and Casual Fabric Shades

Drapery Hardware


Draperies & Custom Drapery Hardware

High quality hardware

Offering the industry’s highest quality products is a priority at Lafayette. We showcase the best names in the business. A truly exquisite design requires more than just a nice finish. We ensure your designs stand the test of time and offer only quality hardware.

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Manh Truc® & Custom Drapery Hardware
Draperies & Custom Drapery Hardware

Personalized Style

Choosing drapery hardware requires the consideration of both design and function. At Lafayette we offer a full line of products ranging from basic to decorative to meet every need, all in one place.

Meet with a trusted Lafayette dealer today to find the right choice for you and your needs!

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Fabric Shades & Draperies with Custom Hardware
Fabric Shades with Draperies & Custom Hardware


Draperies with Custom Hardware

Other Key Features

Other Key Features

Can be made to fit custom shapes
Several options on finish and paint
Custom hardware means we can make nearly any size
Four signature Kirsch® collections means variety and depth
An affordable option to finish the look of your space
Several safe for kids options are available

get inspired

get inspired

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finish the look



Use your custom hardware to add to the look of your custom Interior Masterpieces® Draperies products

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Show off your custom hardware with our rod mounted custom valances from our Interior Masterpieces® collection of valances

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Add flair to your room with our Custom Hardware and our Custom Bedding from our collection of Interior Masterpieces® Bedding

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design your own

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