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Comfort Customized

The Select Masterpieces bedding program offers 6 Bedding Styles, 4 Headboard Styles, 5 Pillow Styles and 9 Accessories Styles.

Bedspreads, Comforters, Coverlets, Shams, Dust Ruffles, Pillows, Table Dressings, Sunburst and Rosettes… the design options are limitless


Wide variety to choose from

Choose from any of over 2300 fabric options to create a bedroom as unique as you are. Mix and match patterns and textures to add dimension and style to any space.

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Dining Accessories

Lafayette Interior Fashions also offers a wide variety of finishing touches to your Dining areas that invite your guests to sit down and stay awhile.

Meet with a trusted Lafayette dealer today to find the right choice for you and your needs!

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Other Key Features

Other Key Features

Completely Custom
High quality fabrics and linings
Hypo Allergenic options
Large selection of patterns
Pattern Matched
Color coordinated stitching

get inspired

get inspired

A bedroom wall of windows with black Genesis® Custom Roller Shades Four cream colored Genesis® Roller Shades behind a couch in a living room setting A white colored Allure® Transitional Shade in a bedroom with drapery panels, bedding, and pillows from the Interior Masterpieces® line Genesis® Panel Track system with Allure® companion transitional shade in a bedroom with Interior Masterpieces® draperies and custom bedding Several tan colored Parasol® Duo-Lucent shades in on wall of windows and a Parasol® Glissade panel system in the other in a bedroom that has custom Interior Masterpieces® pillows and bedding Custom Interior Masterpieces® Stationary Draperies hung in a window with a fabric shade in front of a bed that has custom bedding and accessories 4 tan Interior Masterpieces® Roman Shades with pleats and back tab draperies hanging on either side behind a couch that has several different light green and blue custom pillows Brightly colored Interior Masterpieces® custom pillows in green, pink, yellow and a floral pattern Striped light green and blue Interior Masterpieces® Hobbled Roman Shades with casual  Interior Masterpieces® Roman Valances Interior Masterpieces® draperies in a dark color with a floral pattern with Embellishment Trim tassels hanging on the ends of a Manh Truc® woven wood shade with several colorful Interior Masterpieces® custom pillows sitting in front Brown colored Interior Masterpieces® draperies hanging with Custom Hardware on the outside of 3 windows that have Interior Masterpieces® Flat Roman shades that have a tan and floral pattern with Embellishment Trim on them behind a couch with Interior Mast Three large windows with light brown Interior Masterpieces® Casual Roman Shades and Interior Masterpieces® Draperies in a light gray floral pattern with Embellishment Trim and custom Interior Masterpieces® Pillows in solid orange, gray and teal on a white Light tan Interior Masterpieces® Motorized Roman Shades in three windows high near the ceiling above 3 windows with Manh Truc® Motorized Woven Wood Shades behind a couch and sleeper with Interior Masterpieces® Custom Blankets, Pillows and Throws light gray colored pattern of feathers on Interior Masterpieces® Drapes with a hanging in a window with a gray couch that has Interior Masterpieces® Custom Pillows Bedroom scene with a large picture window and a sheer white Interior Masterpieces® Drapery with a Gray Solid stationary panel next to a bed with Custom Interior Masterpieces® Pillows and Blankets in Teal and a Floral pattern A white Interior Masterpieces® Drapery with a purple floral pattern in a window with a gray couch and chair that hasInterior Masterpieces® Custom Pillows in purple and gray Interior Masterpieces® golden tan Floral Drapery in a room with a chair that has several Interior Masterpieces® Custom Pillows in light tan and gray with Embellishment Trimming light Brown Fidelis® faux wood blinds in a room with a gray couch and maroon ottoman with green and maroon custom pillows on it next to white chairs with floral printed custom pillows four brown Heartland Woods® Wood Blinds with blue Banding in a room with blue walls and a black chair Several white Heartland Woods® Wood Blinds & Interior Masterpieces® Custom Pillows on a white couch and chairs with circular geometric patterns White Fidelis® Faux Wood Blinds in a bedroom with two beds in front that have light green Interior Masterpieces® Bedding and Pillows Gray Wonderwood® Wood Blinds with Interior Masterpieces® Draperies in a red floral pattern with Custom Hardware behind a white couch with Custom Pillows White Sheer Visions® Vertical Blinds with Interior Masterpieces® Custom Pillows and Brown and Tan Draperies 2 Sheer Visions® Vertical Blinds hanging in windows with a bed that has custom bedding and pillows from Interior Masterpieces® One very large Sheer Visions® Vertical Blind over a wall of windows in a bedroom with a bed and custom pillows on it 2 large brown Discoveries® Vertical Blinds with chairs and a sofa sitting in front that have Interior Masterpieces® material custom pillows 2 large brown Discoveries® Vertical Blinds with chairs and a sofa sitting in front that have Sheer Visions® material custom pillows white Discoveries® Vertical Blinds on one large patio door with custom Genesis® shades with Interior Masterpieces® draperies on the other wall in a kitchen with a brown table and white covered chairs

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finish the look

finish the look



Match our line of Interior Masterpieces® materials with your valances to create a look that doesn't stop at your windows.

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With thousands of materials to choose from, our line of drapery products can complete the look of any of your spaces.


Cellular Shades

Our line of Parasol® Cellular Shades offer a wide variety of vibrant colors and with hundreds of materials to choose from you'll find a perfect pair with our line of Bedding & Accessories.


design your own

design your own

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