Customer Testimonials

From one of our valued dealers regarding a specific job:

I just wanted to send you a message to let you know that yesterday we finished installing the Brewster job, the big job we sold in October (198015).  I'm hoping you can send this on to customer service, production, accounting (Karen) and anyone else involved with this order at Lafayette: a great big thank you!  We had to get on scaffolding to install several of the shades, some of them angle shades, and they were cut perfectly.  The couple of issues we had with this order were rectified quickly and to our complete satisfaction.  Thank you Tim and Lafayette for making our job easy.  Ron and I feel completely confident that everyone at Lafayette wants US to succeed and truly has our back if ever problems arise.  Thank you to each and every person involved, this job was a huge success.

Shannon Ford,  A Blind View 

We recently received an email that complimented five of our customer service agents for the outstanding work they do and the difference they make in a day in the life on our valued dealer.  Below is an excerpt of her comments:

..."All of the people I mention above go above and beyond to help. Each of them has a unique personality that only enriches the entire experience and the professional “know how” to make me feel very well taken care of – even in the storm of the busy season. When I am being pulled in a million different directions – I actually find a level of comfort when I know I have them as part of my team.

I think it’s all too often overlooked – that of our humanity – of the extension of ourselves and the simple things that we can do just to make someone’s day. Each of the women above embody the very best of the spirit of teamwork and service. Their dedication and sense of awareness (on a human level) is so true, that I can feel it over the phone. They don’t have to say they care, I KNOW they do and have come to trust each and every one of them implicitly. 

So I just felt it important to reach out to let you know how much of a difference they have made to my work day – and even more on my life. I cannot say enough how much I value each of them and would hope that this email can be helpful to your company in terms of customer relations. Each of the women above could serve as role models. And more, when the personal aspects of my life get me down, the interaction I share with each of them often lifts my spirits.

I would hope that you can make my gratitude known….it’s so important to acknowledge and recognize the gifts in life…and the value here is beyond that of just the work day.

-Natalie, Nantucket Housefitters


A comment from one of our valued dealers when we notified them of delayed shipping issues:

"We understand completely, you are a great company, we have been in business for 70 years, and you are a throwback to when suppliers were like friends".
  - Rosen Decorators

A comment from one of our valued dealers:

"We always remember to complain, but it’s easy to forget to say “Thanks.”  You guys really came through for us today, and we appreciate it. 

Fedex arrived at 9:40, the product was in perfect condition, the order was correct and complete, and the installation went well.  I’m attaching one quick photo that I took with my phone. 

Companies often ask us for our business; Lafayette has really earned it.  Thanks again for making this a great project. "

-Bob, Adorna


A comment from one of our valued dealers regarding their relationship with Lafayette Interior Fashions:

"We value our partnership with Lafayette Interior Fashions as our supplier of quality USA made window products.  We carry their entire collection of soft fashions including draperies, top treatments, and fabric shades, as well as their shading systems such as our most popular, Manh Truc."

          - Dawn, Warrenton Decor


We recently had one of our Sales Managers announce his retirement after 30 years of service to Lafayette Venetian Blind.  We received back many comments from customers that were truly inspirational.  Following are a few of those:

"I am one of the best fans of your company.  Please continue to be the same company you have been

and keep the contributions for which Mr Leffer is responsible.  I am located in Santa Rosa California

and have been in business since 1979.  In that time I have not dealt with another company that holds

a candle to yours.  Your customer service on every level from your Drivers like Craig and employees in

all departments are second to none.  I say this with the utmost sincerity and could not say it if it were

not true.  I am a very good salesman when I am sold and I am really sold on your Company.  It is so

wonderful to be able to have the confidence to tell my customers how great the company I deal with is

and if there are any problems they will stand behind them."                                            

- Diane King, The Interior Design Studio


"Your letter commending Dick for his years of dedicated service to Lafayette can be echoed by those

who may know him or not and have worked with Lafayette during his years of employment. Individuals

like Dick Leffert are rare any time and with our own business now 38 years old, we can empathize with

the value of such a loyal employee and your sadness with his retiring. There is also a lot to be said

about the employer as well which we have also appreciated through many years of working with Jim

Harrington and Lafayette."

- Lafayette Dealer


"What a very touching letter regarding Dick Leffert's retirement.  Very well said, Joe.  For all that you and

Dick stand for, it's whywe all, as dealers, continue to believe and support Lafayette.  You're all are so

much like our family.  Here's hoping there will be many memories and beers shared by you and Dick for

many years to come."

- Donna Chappel, Donna Chappel Interiors


"It is wonderful to see a company acknowledge and value loyalty in their employees.  It speaks volumes

in the kind of operation LVB represents in the industry.  In this day and age with companies merging

or going out of business, let us hope your company is blessed with years of prosperous and respects

and honors their employees.  It has been my pleasure to do business with LVB over several decades

dealing with pleasant and helpful staff.  When there have been problems, your team has always tried to

resolved it to my utmost satisfaction.  Wishing only prosperity and good fortune to all at Lafayette."

- Lafayette Dealer